Compute: R Server


1. Where is my data?

Project data on our Ceph storage is mounted in /mnt/smb.hdd.rbd, otherwise accessible as smb:// (Linux, macOS) or P:\LFE (Windows).

User homes on our Ceph storage are otherwise accessible as smb:// (Linux, macOS) or P:\LFE\Users (Windows).

Note: due to fact that and do not run on the same network infrastructure, you cannot access any data on the storage (that is anything on smb:// outside of LFE, or P:\ outside of P:\LFE). Moving to the network infrastructure until the end of 2021 will change this.

2. If RStudio fails, how can I restart it?

It happens that RStudio hangs and you cannot access your current session anymore. The following steps allow you to restart RStudio and resume your work.

If you do not have SSH access to your R server yet, send a email to: